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BT experiential helps people ‘Enjoy More’

To promote two of their flagship products, BT came to us to create a branded demonstration space to tour the country over 6-8 months.  Our challenge was to create an experience that would illustrate the difference that BT Infinity’s fibre optic broadband can bring, as well as showcase their digital TV service, BT Vision.

Calling on our in-house expertise across creative design, production and event management, we produced an attractive experiential and demonstration unit under the creative strapline of ‘Enjoy More’.  To create a solution flexible enough to work across a variety of locations, we designed and built a domestic lounge and kitchen space out of two shipping containers.  This modern home setting has been filled with the latest technology and gadgets to give consumers the chance to get hands-on and ‘Enjoy More’ with BT.

Whilst relaxing in lounge chairs or sitting at our interactive dining table, consumers can view video, surf on iPads, listen to music, play online games and experience all that BT Infinity offers.  Our digital and production teams even installed a computer into the fridge within the kitchen area of the display which allows consumers to take a photo of themselves and post the image directly to Facebook, thus extending the reach of the promotional activity.

Following a debut appearance at the Isle of Wight Festival, the containers are currently on a nationwide tour of the UK, managed by Logistik, to include a range of events, city centres and other high foot fall locations along the way.