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The greatest testament to the ikigai philosophy being demonstrated at CREATIO is the excellent results in projects entrusted by customers. The perfect example of a successful project that satisfied the ikigai of customers as well as employees in the Creatio has to be the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Deep Racer League 2019 which we played an important part in its implementation back in the beginning of December.

Accompanying with the "National innovation start-up day - TECHFEST 2019", the Deep Racer League hosted by AWS, in collaboration with the National Startup Support Center (NSSC) was held at the Quang Ninh Exhibition of Urban Planning & Expo. This is an event that marked major changes in the application of artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud platforms in Vietnam and worldwide. Moreover, a crucial goal of this project is to explore new talents and expand strong connections in the Vietnamese creative startup community.


With our expertise in the field of event management as well as design and production of branding products, when being entrusted with a project by a major enterprise like Amazon, our staff has confidently conducted an event beyond the expectation. From the preparation of operation personnel, getting the participant teams ready for the race to designing - producing the entire collection of trophies, prizes, even the construction of the main race track, our team put in a lot of effort and time to successfully complete the tasks assigned.

Overseeing, connecting, consolidating, asking, the biggest competencies that CREATIO take pride in have triumphantly been proven by the success of the project: The moments of excitement, the thrills of all those present at the event who experience when experiencing the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning in particular and the breakthrough development of technology in general. For AWS, this will be a stepping stone for their future development in Vietnam's technology market. For us, it’s another zealous experience where our ikigai at work proves its worth.