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On the International Women’s Day March 8, cheers to half of the world. In the last 10 years, CREATIO relentlessly create value for female beneficiaries who are deserved to be appreciated, loved and recognized by sharing our expertise, experience and practices in communications projects.

Please take a look back at eight projects in 2020 in which CREATIO contributed our Marcom expertise to promote gender equality.

1. The 2019 Labor Code, taking effect from January 1, 2021, has important amendments to promote gender equality and empowerment of female workers. The Code has shifted the approach of protecting female workers to that of ensuring gender equality and empowering workers, especially the right to make their own decisions on employment and career. The Code provides more measures for maternity protection and specifies prevention and fight against sexual harassment in the workplace.

CREATIO have the opportunity to develop the communication toolkits to inform the labour rights of female labours.

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Animation (1 out of 4 videos):

2. Gender-based violence is violence against a person on the basis of his or her gender or gender discrimination, including threats of performing or committing acts that cause physical, mental or sexual harm and other ways to reduce the victim’s freedom. Gender-based violence takes many forms, including physical, emotional, sexual and economic violence. The root cause of gender-based violence stems from inequality in the relationships between men and women, along with attitudes and ideologies that lack respect for the rights of each gender. Gender-based violence is a common practice in society, and persons with disabilities are among the most vulnerable.

CREATIO produced a video clip to raise awareness amongst people with disabilities, their families and general public about gender-based violence toward PWDs, and instruct PWDs and their families to tackle and prevent GBV.

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3. The project “Promoting measures to ensure the rights of women with disabilities and ethnic minority women in exercising Gender Equality law and Marriage and Family law” was implemented in 04 rural communes of Ba Vi district, Hanoi from Jun 2019 to Dec 2019. This is one of 14 initiatives on gender equality and family granted by the Justice Initiatives Facilitation Fund (JIFF) of the EU Legal and Judicial Empowerment Programme in Viet Nam (EU JULE).

CREATIO took part in the documentation, copywriting, designing and producing the project summary brochure.

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4. Young migrant women must contend with intersecting vulnerabilities related to their age, gender, and migration status. Under the project “Improving access to and utilization of adolescent responsive health services for urban migrant young women and girls in Hai Phong city, Vietnam”, the main aim is to help improve the health and wellbeing of urban migrant women and girls employed in factories in Thuy Nguyen district, Hai Phong city, Vietnam - a large industrial zone where eight factories employ approximately 28,000 migrant workers, by increasing the use of key reproductive health (RH) and maternal, newborn, and child health (MNCH) services and practices. The project will indirectly benefit the children of the women and girls reached by the proposed activities, via their mothers’ improved knowledge, attitudes, practices, and use of health services. Health care providers will benefit from strengthening their capacity to provide youth-responsive services.

CREATIO worked closely with SC and Hai Phong DOH and produced three videos on complementary feeding for children from 6 months to 2 years old with mothers as the main target audience.

Watch in details at:

Video 1 on preparation of food recipes and cooking of weaning food (liquid)

Video 2 on preparation of food recipes and cooking of weaning food (solid)

Video 3 on preparation of food recipes and cooking of porridge:

5. Vietnam is among the few countries that are most prone to climate change and natural disasters, which range from storms and floods to droughts. When such events occur, poor ethnic minority people in rural and remote areas, especially women, will suffer the most. While increasingly recognising changes in weather patterns that adversely affect their livelihoods, farmers largely lack the capacities and tools to gather and interpret climate information in a way that they can adapt for more effective prevention and increased resilience. They also lack access to resources and social protection mechanisms that could help them cope with climate shocks. As they mainly live on agricultural farming, it means that it is extremely difficult for poor people to move up in the income ladder while easier for those who are near poor to fall back under the poverty line.

The project “Information for adaptation in Vietnam (InfoAct)” strengthens the livelihood and resilience of poor ethnic minority women and men in rural areas to climate change and climate shocks by improving their access to and use of climate information and resources such as insurance.
CREATIO evaluated the effectiveness of the currently applied communication solutions in Agro-Climate Information Services ACIS (forecast and farming actions) under the InfoAct project from 2018 – 2021 by collecting data of service providers and farmers in 4 communes of Dien Bien province and 4 communes of Lai Chau province using survey questionnaires, Focus Group Discussions (FGD) and Key informant Interviews (KII). 

6. The Coffee Agroforestry and Forest Enhancement for REDD+ (CAFÉ-REDD) will reduce deforestation and forest degradation by addressing the conversion of forest to agriculture in a priority conservation landscape – The Lang Biang landscape (comprising Bi Doup Nui Ba National Park and Buffer Zone). The project includes an “off-forest livelihood investment fund” (OFLIF), the objective of which is to support small-scale entrepreneurs and the local farmer groups, especially young businesses and women-lead businesses to invest in employment generating activities that can sustainably enhance the income of local people. These investments increase resilience of the local people by diversifying their income sources, reduce their vulnerability to future economic, climatic, or other shocks and trends.

CREATIO provide a range of different marketing advisory services for stakeholders in the CAFÉ-REDD project. These include the four groups of stakeholders: small and medium-sized coffee companies, non-coffee enterprises, farmer groups and the Lac Duong DPC.

7. Gender and Development Faculty, Vietnam Women Academy together with Youth Action for Gender equality and Sustainable development (YAGS) organized the workshop on “Gender role in plastic waste mitigation”. Main objectives include:

- Create a platform to exchange experience, knowledge and practices on plastic waste mitigation and gender role in such area
- Create an academic forum to share research and study results on gender with environment

- Act as the communication channel to promote environmental protection activities, recognize the roles of women in plastic reduction and recycling, and motivates both genders in environmental protection activities.

CREATIO shared insight of “The gender lens in Communications on Plastic Waste Mitigation” at the workshop.

Event link:

8. CREATIO’s founder and CEO is a woman. Being a female entrepreneur, she has had first-hand experience with the challenges that women face in business. This prompted her to start an initiative on promoting women empowerment which received a grant by the US Embassy in Hanoi. In 14 months, through a series of activities at the American Center in Hanoi, the project aims at providing information, knowledge, enhancing professional skills, entrepreneurship, sales and marketing, and business management competency for women-owned businesses and women entrepreneurs to increase capacity to build their businesses for the advancement of women economic empowerment. The project also inspires more women to lead, participate, and have access to business opportunities to advance sustainable and inclusive growth.
Past and current activities include:

Event 1:
Event 2:
Event 3:
Event 4:

The latest event will start at 3p.m today on the occasion of International Women’s Day on March 8 with a special wellness coach session titled “Way to achieve a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life”. Don’t forget to visit American Center and join us! 
2020 is the CREATIO’s remarkable year and the memorable journey throughout three regions of Vietnam. We are delighted to have seized every opportunity to contribute our expertise to champion the concept of sustainable and inclusive growth and contribute to a positive business ecosystem, where everyone can grow together, respect diversity, encourage inclusivity, and promote shared community responsibility.