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Strengthening capacity and institutional reform for green growth and sustainable development in Vietnam (CIGG)


the Ministry of Planning and Investment (Department for Science, Education, Natural resources and Environment), the United Nations Development Program (UNDP)


2017 - 2018



CREATIO’s 17-month journey with the CIGG project began when our client, the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) came to us with an exciting request: designing and executing a media plan for a national-level project on sustainability. 


As of 2016, Vietnam was still perceived to have maintained an unsustainable socioeconomic model. This was evidenced by various factors including a high rate of energy and resource intensity, coupled with a relatively low level of sustainability awareness in both consumption and production sectors. This prompted the Government of Vietnam’s decision to adopt the “National Green Growth Strategy” as the centerpiece of efforts to achieve sustainable economic growth. 

The main focus of the CIGG project, with MPI as one of the executing agencies, was to strengthen policies, regulations and technical guidance for the implementation of the National Green Growth Strategy and Action Plan, and as a result inform positive shifts towards greener production, consumption and social lifestyles. Following in-depth research and client discussions, CREATIO devised a comprehensive media plan with four main focal areas surrounding the project’s general objective: 


Design and produce communication collaterals

Conduct a communication campaign on various mass media platforms

Organise activities and events in support of the project

Provide support and cooperation to existing Green Growth campaigns and initiatives 



Core to our media action plan was a continual process of conducting research and maintaining open dialogues with representatives from MPI and other agencies. Relentless efforts made by CREATIO and our client resulted in the design and implementation of a comprehensive media plan, consisting of 13 main activities focusing on 5 different targeted groups including businesses, policy-making agencies, future leaders, media outlets and general consumers. 


Project coordinators at MPI found the support provided by Creatio to be professional and useful right from the beginning, which was a great foundation for the following months of communication, collaboration and achievements. The client’s vision was channeled through various platforms in a consistent and cohesive fashion. A complete set of communication collaterals surrounding the theme of sustainability including, but not limited to infographics, backdrops, banners, video clips and clothing items were professionally designed and produced, which helped send clear and purposeful messages to the intended targets. Effective communication was also ensured with the project’s online presence, established and developed via a dedicated website, an official Facebook page and other online media outlets.


With tireless support provided by CREATIO, MPI organised a number of successful events that made a significant impact in changing public awareness towards green growth for the better. We worked closely together in a series of cross-country meetings and competitions for university students, or as we liked to call them, future sustainability leaders. Our mutual efforts to overcome the challenges involving logistics and scheduling proved worthwhile in the end, as the audiences came out much more equipped with awareness and readiness for green living. Another stand-out activity was the “Green traffic for a green Vietnam” event, which garnered participation from many international and state organisations, as well as university students and individuals of influence. This represented an unprecedented unified determination to timely and successfully achieve strategic objectives set out in the National Strategy and Action Plan.