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Online Launching of “Young Voices in Vietnam” Report 


Management and Sustainable Development Vietnam


May-June 2020



The hit of COVID-19 pandemic has left multiple event organisers in distress, with more events to be cancelled than we can count. This puts pressure on event organisers to utilise the advanced technology in turning the challenge into opportunity with the format of hybrid event. 


Initially, this format is thought only to be a temporary replacement for offline events during the quarantine periods. Yet, along with the worry about the second waves of disease spreading and warnings about social distancing, hybrid events have become the optimal choice that everybody is tuning into for the time being. 


Seizing the opportunity, CREATIO has adapted and designed a new service package to organise hybrid events that meet the demand of clients while adhering to the Ministry of Health safety guidelines. In May 2020, post the nationwide social distancing period, CREATIO had a chance to challenge ourselves with the project of an online launching of the Young Voices in Vietnam report, requested by Management and Sustainable Development Vietnam (MSD Vietnam). 




The objectives of the event include increasing and encouraging the awareness of children’s rights in Vietnam. Additionally, it also aims at providing sufficient knowledge to national and international organisations from UN or social organisations on implementing children’s rights in Vietnam. One special feature of this event is that it employs the angle of a child to voice up the message, hence it requires the organisers to have a thorough and tactical approach while working and producing communications short film. Equipped with the experience of working with vulnerable groups from various backgrounds, CREATIO takes a cautious approach while planning the script and carrying out the filming process. 



Regarding the subject, it is guaranteed that children are recorded when they are dressed suitable to their age with appropriate behaviours and no distractions.The background must be carefully prepared so as details related to adult content and alcohol products and alcoholic beverages are not in sight. While interviewing the children, the questionnaire is built with easy-to-understand language with age-appropriate knowledge. Questions are asked in a friendly manner, similarly to those questions that teachers often raise in class so that they feel comfortable to answer. These thoughtful gestures have put  the young children who participate in the short film at ease, therefore contribute greatly to the overall success of the short film. 

The statistics at the end of the event indicated success when the views of the livestream reached 36,000, triple the initial target; with 600 - 800 live viewers. These are the main duties that CREATIO fulfilled for this hybrid event: 


- Managing the Facebook “Lan toa Yeu thuong” including content creation and community management 

- Managing the event, including: 

  • Stage design & installation 
  • Graphic design and development of signboards, video clips and animated screenings during the event
  • Quality control of online broadcasting on 03 channels: Facebook 'Lan toa Yeu thuong' (the link to the livestream is also shared on the Fanpage of MSD Vietnam and Save the Children in Vietnam to maximise views and interaction), Youtube channel of 'MSD Vietnam' and Tik Tok 'Viet Family'
  • Audience interaction during the livestream 

This project has proved the agility of CREATIO with adapting to the situation, developing new strategy and tactics to become your trusted event organisation partner during the global crisis of COVID-19. As our motto indicates, we are a communications fixer with a solution for all your needs.